Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video of the Day: Ode To Action

Takes you and your friends point you fingers at each other and make 'pew pew' noises to a whole new level.
Though I doubt anyone can equal 'Pew Pew' Girl.

'Steampunk' Boba Fett or "The Rocketeer's Bad-ass Cousin"

      Some people have WAY too much time on their hands. And sometimes that free time is in the hands of people who have a mad geeky passion for Star Wars. So, we get stuff like this 'steampunk' Boba Fett done by Outland Armour, completely with copper accents, faux-English military uniform and goggles. Gotta' have some goggles. You can't do 'steampunk' without goggles.

       Now, why hasn't someone made a samurai version of Boba Fett yet? Or a WW2 version? Ghostbusters Boba Fett?

(Via geektyrant)

Felicia Day To Star In 'Dragon Age' Web-series or "Geekiest Elf Ever"

        For a while now, some of my friends have been trying to get me to play 'Dragon Age'. Now, I've never been one to play fantasy games (RPG or otherwise) very much. I've always been more of a sci-fi action adventure/shooter sort of gamer.

        However, the news that Felicia Day (creator/star of "The Guild") would be starring in a 'Dragon Age' inspired web-series as an elf assassin just may make a convert out of me yet. Not only because I am a fan of Ms. Day and her work, but because I cannot help but respect and admire her passion for the things she loves, namely games. Also, I think elves are sexier than Vulcans.

        That's right. I said it.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Video of the Day: Darth Vader In Training!

      Man, if I had run around the house and yard trying to use the Force to move things like this, my parents would have just laughed and patted me on my head .... and then they would have called the guys in the white coats with the net.