Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"What If..... Pee-Wee Herman Was Batman?!"

          Just imagine if Pee-Wee Herman was Batman. Would that not represent the most epic collaboration of all time? Wonder if the 'secret word of the day' would be 'batarang'?


          Yep. Sure is.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video of the Day: "Your Entrance Was Good. His Was Better!"

           Yeah, yeah, I know. The San Diego Comic Con is over. Done. Finito. But I just keep finding videos from the event that are just so damn awesome. Take for example this video from the 'Iron Man 3' panel in Hall H. Not only did Tony Stark .... I mean, RDJ show up, he SHOWED UP! Dude comes dancing in to the tunes of of some old school Luther Vandross and gets up on stage and has the crowd completely eating out of his hand in less than 3 minutes. 

           Dude has swagger on an epic level. Just saying.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

"He Doesn't Have The Power, He IS the Power!!"

"Castle Grayskull-man hungers for your pay check! Also, your soul."

          As with any other self-respecting child of the'80s, I love He-man toys! One of my greatest regrets in life is not hoarding my "Master of the Universe" toys like Smiegel did the One Ring. Suffice to say, of all the awesome toys (like that SDCC exclusive Fall of Cybertron Bruticus) that were shown at SDCC this past weekend, the new line up of MotU toys had me wishing I didn't ruin my credit rating all those years ago. Credit cards are the Devil's playthings, after all. Poe Ghostal has a nice article, including pictures, of all the new merch from the line.  If you count yourself among the 'MotU' faithful, you should check it out!

          I'd sure love to buy these (and teh rest of the line) if I could afford such extravagance. Unfortunately, I can't and I'd have to buy these toys online. I don't trust the Internet but for just two things: the ability to download long forgotten cartoon shows from my youth and boobies! There's a lot of them out. Cartoons, that is.