Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey Authentic Geeks!

Big G here and I'm so excited that I just can't hide it; I've actually got a scoop on phreak711 this week, man is it hard to keep up with that guy!

Anyways, today I've got some fresh first peeks for you from the upcoming Marvel films.

First off is the upcoming X-Men prequel X-Men First Class from Marvel films. They've just released their international posters which feature Professor-X, and Magneto as Charles and Erik standing before ominous puddles of water that hold reflections of their future selves. Much of the buzz surrounding this movie is that we're going to get X-Men done Twilight style; and what with the popularity of paper-thin Teen Movies and Marvel's ability to whore themselves out to whatever fad is currently crushing it's way through teenage minds, I tend to believe it...

Next we've got two new peeks at the upcoming Thor movie. First off Marvel released two new movie movie posters featuring face shots of the cast. I must commend Marvel at their casting these days, everyone looks exactly like they should. Which brings us to Marvel's other Thor sneak peek in a look at Idris Elba as the new Hemidall. You know, I remember hearing some people were upset that they cast a black actor in the role of a traditionally white character, but no-one seemed to complain when Mark Millar did the same to Nick Fury in the pages of Ultimate X-Men?!? Maybe it's because Nick Fury's gonna be played by Samuel Jackson and Elba is less famous, but really it doesn't matter, Idris looks BADASS! The page also has the second Trailer for Thor, and I must say, this movie looks like it's gonna be FUN!!! I can't wait till May 6th now!

Finally, and most definitely coolest in my opinion, Marvel released a picture of Hugo Weaving as the new Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger. O...M...G...I think I blew my mind and my shorts at the same time just thinking of how amazing it's gonna be to see that crazy, villainous, mad-man acting as the Red Skull! Seriously people, I love Marvel's casting agent. They've got the perfect mad-man to bring Red Skull to life, no one can do maniacal menace the same way. They've even got that permanent sneering frown that's plastered on Red Skull's ugly mug in the Comics. I'm having nightmares just imagining...

So there we have it Authentic Geeks. I'm so excited for the upcoming Thor and Cap. movies that are paving the way for the new Avengers movie. Marvel has been working a long-term vision with these films and each single movie has gotten me more and more excited for the big ensemble film that's gonna have Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America at the least. The big question for you speculative geeks; which other heroes do you think Marvel will add to the Avengers pantheon for the new flick? Post your best guesses!!!

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