Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Who You Gonna' Call When The Boys Are Back In Town?!"

          Just a few short hours ago, an event of epic proportions shook the Interwebs! No, I'm not talking about Scarlett Johansson's cel-phone getting hacked and her nude photos being leaked to the 'Net. I am talking about the announcement of the impending re-release of the greatest supernatural comedy film EVER back into theaters!!

          That's right! "Ghostbusters", the movie that influenced much of my childhood and the childhoods of many of my nerdy brethren is being re-released next month (October being the month of spooky stuff, you know?) into theaters once again!! Yeah, it probably is a promotional stunt to drum up interest in the much rumored "Ghostbusters 3", though why they just don't adapt the 2009 video game story line into a film is beyond even me. I don't care. Because I finally get to fulfill my childhood dream of seeing one of my favorite movies on the big screen, something I never got to do as a kid. Now if you will kindly excuse me, I'm going to freak out and watch the following video 20 or 30 times in a row, thank you!!



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