Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Authentic Geek, The PODCAST -- Episode 11 - "What's Your Game?"

Episode 11 - "What's Your Game?"

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          Today, the Authentic Geeks take a look back at some of their favorite video games. It's a love and hate relationship for geeks and nerds all over the world.  We love playing HALO or Call of Duty or the latest Mario Bros. game. But we also kinda' hate having to develop the thumb twitch muscle reflex necessary to land that last combo in Street Fighter II and finally kick Dhalsim's fireball spitting keister! The Geeks commentate on their favorites from each major era of gaming. From Mario & the good old NES in the '80s to the Master Chief and the Xbox 360, they take a look at them all. So, pull on the Power Glove and warm up your favorite console, it's time to get to clickin'.

POINT OF ORDER: Many games were considered for this episode. In an effort to keep the show length down, the Geeks had to leave some by the wayside. Otherwise, JT and Doug would have been there all night. You don't really want to listen to them talking about video games for 3 hours, do you?!

"Hey, PETA, I got yer' "animal cruelty'' right here!"

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