Saturday, October 9, 2010

Exo-skeletons Help Disabled People Walk Again or "Robocop Is Only 20 Years Now"

Technology grows by leaps and bounds everyday. And when one of those leaps opens the door for the creation of a real, live cyborg, I get chills.

The above promotional video shows a lady who has suffered severe spinal damage using a powered exo-skeleton called 'eLegs', a civilian spin-off of the US military's Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC). The 'eLegs' is not yet commercially available, but still, this is really exciting!

By my calculations, if the cyber nerds at Berkley Bionics keep working on this project with all due diligence, within say, 20 years, senior citizens won't just be yelling at kids to get off the lawn, they'll be punting any trespassers right off the lawn with their 'Iron Man' power suits!

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