Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fan-Made TMNT Party Wagon or "Cowabunga, Dude! Roadtrip!"

College student/major Ninja Turtle fangirl Brittney Schneck built this awesome tribute to the 'Heroes on a Half-Shell' (Turtle Power) signature ride out of a '94 Dodge Caravan.

She worked at two jobs (grocery store cashier and in her dad's auto detailing shop) to pay for everything in and on this ride. ON TOP of paying for her college studies and the van's insurance

She hand-crafted all the various gun-ports, radar dish, and other sundry body parts to make sure the minivan looked the same as the classic 'Party Wagon' toy.

Is this not awesome? Is this not the coolest thing ever? I certainly think so.

(Jalopnik via Geekologie)

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  1. Coolest girl ever. I can't believe someone made that. I want one.