Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Transformers 3' Teaser Poster Released or "A Nice Poster Does Not A Good Film Make"


       The teaser poster for the forthcoming 3rd Transformers film has been released to little or no fanfare. It's actually a very good teaser poster, with Optimus Prime being back lit by the sun while standing in a heroic pose. I might even be excited for this movie if not for one little detail.

       The title.

       For those that don't know, the third chapter in the 'Bay-former' saga is saddled with the title "Transformers 3 - The Dark of the Moon". If this is the best that screenwriter Ehren Krueger can come up with, I am really scared. Krueger wrote the scripts for "Arlington Road" and "Scream 3", two films that I have a lot of love for. Though those are not the best films I have ever seen, the plots of both films were really strong and provided some solid entertainment. Based on the title alone, I wonder how much he got paid to write this. And how hard did he work on the title before he started on the script.
       I know, I know. I am reading WAY too much into this. All I have is a teaser poster and a movie title. I should wait for the teaser trailer. Which is to be released next week in front of "TRON Legacy".

       ..... I am really scared now.

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