Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"It's 3 AM. Do You Know What's In Your Xbox?!"

         For those that came in late, I work in an off-sale 'til the wee hours of the morning.  And after a hard evenings work, and depending on the intellectual level of the patrons I've served (believe me, stupid people drink A LOT), I need the proper tool to unwind. Sometimes, it's a good book. Sometimes, it's a 5 inch high pile of comics. Occasionally, it's a stiff drink. Actually, it's more like a few, but I'm getting off topic.

          However, most of the time, nothing satisfies more than rocking out on my Xbox 360 with my copy of "Borderlands", the purest distillation of everything I have ever wanted in a First Person Shooter.  And what I mean by that is I wanted to be outfitted with as many things that 'make BOOM' in as many different ways as possible.

          Shotguns, rocket launchers and machine guns, OH MY! You got lightning guns, acid rocket launchers and sniper rifles that can set you on fire. You can even get grenades that stick themselves to enemies and go BOOM or fly into the air and rain more BOOM down on some masked berserker or they cover attacking axe-wielding maniacs in what appears to be the same acid that melted that dude in "Robocop". You know what I'm talking about.

         So, yeah. I have a lot of pent up aggression. At least I have found an outlet. It was either this or go back to plotting world domination. I figure the lesser of two evils won.

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