Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Knowing Is Half The Battle.... The Other Half Is Status Updates"

          So, say you like Facebook. Status updates, Farmville, etc. And let's also say you like G.I. Joe. Tricked out war machines, red & blue lasers AND king pimp Destro! Seriously, even his action figure has swagger.

          Well, come the beginning of June, you can get those two great tastes together in a new online game called "G.I. Joe. Special Ops". Available on Facebook & SyFy Games (, 'Special Ops' is an arena based online game where you fans of the 'Real American Hero' (I include myself among you) can join up with the Joes or COBRA and create the sort of fan battles you never got to see in the cartoon, with access to many of the characters & vehicles from the franchise's 25+ years history.

          Goddamn, but I miss the 80s, where you solve any problem with explosions and red/blue lasers!

(Via Forces of Geek)

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