Monday, May 14, 2012

"Oh Hai, Green Arrow"

          After a 5 year love affair on "Smallville", the CW (that unholy union of the beloved WB network and UPN) has picked up "Arrow", a new TV series about Oliver Queen/Green Arrow to debut this fall. And I have to say I am really looking forward to this show. Aside from Spider-man & Superman, one of my favorite heroes growing up was Green Arrow. Sorry, Hawkeye. The concept of a guy fighting crime with nothing more that a bow and tricks arrows seemed so insane to me a kid. But the idea of one man fighting to maker a difference with only his skill and his will (heh, rhyme!) was something that has always appealed to me. And the inclusion of GA on "Smallville" was one of the things I loved about that series. Well, that and Erica Durance as Lois Lane, but that is besides the point. 

          There's just one thing that this show needs to make it perfect ....


          Aaaaw yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

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