Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So, No 'YO JOE" 'Til Next Year?! Uh-oh!!

          In the infinite @%$#-ing wisdom of Hollywood, the forth-coming action film "G.I. Joe - Retaliation" has been pushed back nearly A YEAR so it can be converted to 3D. Now, this is pretty much being done for over-seas markets, where 3D movies are big money. But, beyond that, I really think this a stupid move. I mean, the movie was only 36 days away! The movie was done, ready to go. I know it. You know it. So, don't be surprised in the film magically appears online in the next month or so.

          The summer movie season is a huge money maker for film companies, so to push back what would have been a potentially huge film is already a bone-headed move. And I don't even want to think of what kind of bull Paramount piled up to get all the parties involved (Skydance Productions, MGM and Hasbro) to let this happen. I am especially perplexed that Hasbro has let this go through. I mean, the potential losses in toy sales,  marketing and media promos is staggering to say the least. I was actually looking forward to picking up some of the toys, specifically the Rock/Roadblock & Bruce Willis/Joe Colton action figures.

         OH, I almost forgot to mention that when "G.I. Joe - Retaliation" DOES reach theatres next year, it's going up against "The Host", a film based on Stephanie Myers' other book series. That's right! John McClane & The Rock are going up against the creator of "Twilight" & her legion of slavishly devoted 'tween fans/minions. I weep for their children.

         I was really looking forward to this movie for two reasons. One was that the first film was weak sauce (and I mean the weakest of sauce) in it's depiction of the franchise. Second reason was, based on the trailers, "Retaliation" looked to be a big, dumb and fun summer blockbuster, just like the movies of my youth. Ninjas, explosions and Cobra Commander. OH MY!

          So, in summation, I would like to express my opinion of this monumentally stupid decision thusly:

          Yes, indeed. Go fuck yourself, Hollywood!

(Via Topless Robot)


  1. Well said. They may also not want to compete with Avengers, Batman and Mib 3.

    1. I honestly don't think they are afraid of competition. It just sort of reeks of "moneymoneymoney" on the part of Paramount. I mean, why not shoot for 3D while you film it? Like I said before, I think to make this call, so very late in the game, is bhoth stupid and greedy. I like a lot of the 3D capable films I've seen in the last few years, but to push it back so far? Inconceivable!!