Friday, September 21, 2012

Trust Him, He Knows What He's Doing!


          In addition to the two series of "Sherlock" the BBC has graced us with over the last couple of years, they also gave us "JEKYLL", one of the best adaptations/ re-makes of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel. Maybe now I can finally forget I ever watched "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde".

         Don't you judge me! Sean Young was HAWT back in the day!

          I won't waste words trying to describe how incredibly awesome & balls-to-the-wall crazy the show is. Just watch these 3 clips & realize that nothing this bad-ass could ever be made on this side of the Atlantic before you head off into the wilds of the Interwebs to find and watch this gleefully insane 6 epsiode series!!

         Goddamn, but James Nesbitt is the man!!

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