Monday, April 5, 2010

"Greetings and Bienvenue"

Hey all and welcome to "Authentic Geek", a blog about all the geek things nerds & geeks love to argue about. Like who'd win in a fight: Batman or the Master Chief? (BATMAN because, let's face it, Batman always wins!) I'm JT, alias Phreak711, and you'll also hear from my good buddy, Doug, who isn't here today but he'll post soon. This entry is to let readers know what "AG" is going to accomplish. We're going to comment on all things geeky. From comic news, to movies we're hyped up about ("The A-Team", hells yeah!), to video games and any other topics that sets our geek senses tingling! So check back soon for geek bios on me and Doug and what ever you do, don't take the blue pill!! Later days!

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