Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ultimate Nintendo Gaming Experience

Wow fellow authentic geeks, I've just stumbled across the most amazing retro gaming experience of my adult life.  Well, I didn't really stumble across it myself, I found it on reddit, a link-posting site that I highly recommend, but I digress...

Some flash animation geniuses calling themselves "Exploding Rabbit" have made a mod of the original mario game in which the player can choose to play the game with any of the six original Nintendo heroes: Samus Aran, Link, Simon Belfont, Bill R. (from Contra), Mega Man and of course the most famous reindeer of all Mario himself.  Best of all, this is no simple sprite-replacement mod, each character features the abilities and control style of their original games.  This means Mega Man can charge up his Mega Buster canon when he gets a mushroom or a fire flower, Link has a boomerang to catch far away items, Bill slaughters Goombas with automatic shotgun fire, and much more!  This game is crazy, game sprites like Mega Man can take out bricks that used to be physically impossible to do so as Mario which opens up the levels in new and unique ways.  You need to check out this masterpiece of homage gaming, it's a completely new game, it's a work of art, it's a wonder; and it's completely free!!!  Bless the people who put this together.

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