Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Bunch of Geeks Talking About Cartoons or "My First Podcast!"

Let it never be said that being passionate (even obsessively so) about the things you love never pays off! Not too long ago, I 'friended' a fellow by the name of Mike Blanchard on Facebook. Mike is the one of the main driving forces behind "The Geekcast Radio Network", a stable of podcasts that discuss almost all things geeky. "Tooncast" is one of the many shows on this site I listen to, wherein Mike and assorted co-hosts discuss one cartoon series every episode. Anything from the heyday of Looney Tunes in the '40s and Hanna Barbera in the '60s, to the last dismal days of Saturday Morning 'toons in 1999 are fair game.

Well, recently Mike was looking for co-hosts for the 'Johnny Bravo' episode. Myself and another podcaster, Glade Packer, geeks that we are, volunteered to co-host. I have to say, I had a lot of fun recording and liked my first taste of podcasting. Makes a guy want to do something similar. Hhmm?!

Do we think 'Johnny Bravo' is a cartoon worth watching or does it need to be buried in a deep, dark hole? You'll have to tune in, download the show and listen for yourselves!

Tooncast Ep. #69 - Johnny Bravo


  1. As the Co-host of ToonCast(except for a few exceptions) I thank you for filling in for me Sir!