Monday, September 13, 2010

Super Mario Bros. Is 25 Years Old Today or "It'sa Me, Mario!"

September 13th is a day that will forever be a day that geeks, fanboys and general nerdy types will stand up and tip their collective hats to a true video gaming icon. It was on that day, back in the year 1985, that the  one of the crown jewels of video gaming debuted in his first game.

He's short. He's a plumber. He speaks with a bad, stereo-typical Italian accent.

He is .....SUPER MARIO!

The "Super Mario" series of games on the NES were, and still are, some of the best games I have ever had the good fortune to play! My brothers and I were fans of all the "Super Mario Bros." games, with "Super Mario Bros. 3" being our favorite, as I recall.

The "Mario" series was always one that I could count on to be fun, entertaining and just plain awesome to play. Never before had there been a character that spanned so many genres of video gaming and still retained the fun inherent in his original game. From the NES to the Game Cube to the Wii. From "Super marios Bros. 3" to "Super Mario Kart" to "Mario Party". Mario rocked the freakin' casbah, with his simple but addictive game play and a mustache that even Tom Selleck must be envious of!!!

I salute you, Mario! Hail to the King of Games! Long may he reign!!

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