Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scientists Create XXXL-Size Bugs or "Anyone Have A Giant Bug Zapper?!"

Dr. John VandenBrooks, a researcher in Arizona, has succeeded in re-creating the sort plus-sized creepy crawly usually reserved for time-travel and dinosaur movies. Now, I usually don't say this a lot, but ....


I read as many articles as I could find about the man's work, but I failed to find the answer to the above question. I mean, is it really so vital to the continued existence of the human race and the world itself that we need to know how giant ass insects lived back in the Paleozoic Era?!

Dr. VanderBrooks also failed in trying to breed giant cockroaches. Let that sink in for a second. GIANT, freakin' cockroaches! That kind of result only comes from steroids and gamma rays.

It is news like this that make me glad that I am a layman. Because, in all honestly, if I was a scientist dabbling in the field of genetic engineering or some other exotic scientific discipline, I'd probably be doing the same thing. I just would be doing it for the right reasons. Like world domination.

Doctor Doom would approve of this.

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