Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quickie Comic Book Review #1: "Werewolves On The Moon VS Vampires" or "Who Has Home Field Advantage?"

       Going thru my comic collection awhile back, I came across this forgotten gem of a title. "Werewolves ON THE MOON VS Vampires" was a 3 issue mini-series released by Dark Horse Comics in 2009 that tried to answer the age old question: "Who would win in a fight: vampires or werewolves?"

       Set in the far future, "Werewolves VS Vampires" followed the mis-adventures of Ted, Jeff and Stan, 3 werewolves who travel to the Moon with the fool plan to become kings of the moon. After all, where else would a lycanthrope even attempt to such a foolhardy stunt?! Not only do things quickly spin out of control for the trio while dealing with the human settlers, they also have to contend with the vampire coven lurking on the dark side of the Moon. Hi-jinks and hilarity ensue as our heroes (?) try to survive long enough to figure out what to do.


       Art was handled by the brothers Matt and Shaun Fillbach, who also co-wrote the book with Dave Land. The Fillbach's art is nice and solid with great coloring by Dan Jackson. The art style has a nice 'animated' feel without being to loose and goofy, though the ordinary human characters did seem a little bit awkward at times. The story also has a nice comfortable feel, not unlike the old Saturday afternoon 'monster vs monster'  flicks I used to watch as a kid. Land and the Fillbach's balance the action and horror of the tale very well and even manage to mix in some nice humor as well, taking shots at the overly dramatic and gothic aspects of today's vampire literature.

       All in all, I really loved reading this comic. "Werewolves VS Vampires" is so very much a 'peanut butter and jelly' concept, I cannot help but love it! It takes a very basic and somewhat dated concept and gave it a good spin. It's entertaining without being too mindless and leaves you wanting just a little more. Totally worth buying if you can find it at your local comic book store.

"Werewolves ON THE MOON VS Vampires":  out of 5

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