Monday, January 10, 2011

DC Comic's First Muslim Super-hero Causes Controversy or "You Can't Please Everyone All Of The Time"

      In the recent crossover between Detective Comics Annual #12 and Batman Annual #28, comic book fans were introduced to a new hero for the DC Universe, Nightrunner! He is a French-born Muslim, who turned to parkour/ free-running to escape the pain of a friend's death. Becoming so proficient at the sport, he eventually donned a mask and set out to quell the crime and riots plaguing his city, where he ran afoul of both Batmen (Dick Grayson & Bruce Wayne). After an initial understanding, the trio of heroes worked together to stop a cult from tearing Paris to pieces. Afterwards, Bruce Wayne recruited Nightrunner to be the 'Batman of Paris' as part of his 'Batman, Inc.' project.

       Now, this a character that I think is a long time in coming. Not only because his parkour skill set is something that lends itself to comics, but because of his faith. I mean, we all know what kind of hero a normal white guy from our society generally becomes, but what of a  man of a different faith?! That is something that I think comic would benefit greatly from. What it means to be a hero, fighting the good fight and all that, but from a completely untapped direction.

       And, of course, certain segments of the human race immediately began crapping all over this. Enter the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group of "concerned citizens" who amount to nothing more than a semi-legit hate group, are objecting to a Muslim being a superhero. Without going into too much detail, the CCC believe DC Comic's decision to make their Paris-based hero a French-born Muslim, instead of a white Frenchman, is an act of propaganda and "deceitful" political correctness. Of course white supremacists are going to hate on this character. Take a look at the CCC for a moment.

       Looks like a bunch of funny loving fellows, huh?!  They have already tried to boycott the production on Marvel Comic's "THOR" film because the character Heimdall, who was depicted as being white in the comics,  is being portrayed by actor Idris Elba (who is black). Seriously, I am not making this up. These dorks actually have their heads so far up their respective asses that they believe having a black man portray a mythological being (from a comic book!) is an act of evil and must be contested. Words fail me. No. Wait a second. I got one word.

       They want to boycott "THOR" and bitch about 'Nightrunner' being Muslim? I say bring it on! I'm pretty sure that most of us that go to movies and read comics are going to outlive these idiots.

(Via Comics Alliance - "THOR Boycott" & "Muslim Batman Freak-out")

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  1. Thank you for understanding my friend. My name is Saby and I'm muslim myself who, incidentally also does park our.
    Now I'm not planning on becoming superhero of any country but I'm glad that this comics does depict true nature of my faith, as the writer describes Islam as "the religion of peace".
    And it's not the religion that is bad, but people who use it like anything else as a weapon to achieve their goals through misery and struggles of other people. As one wise man said "There are no bad nations; only bad people", there aren't bad religions, but only bad people. So I'm really grateful to the writer and everyone who understands and supports this view. Thank you very much! Honestly thank you.
    With people already confused by the acts of few and hating the whole religion and even nations for their mistakes, we could use some source that isn't biased and does show the other side. Thank you again.