Friday, January 14, 2011

Patton Oswalt and The Current State of Geek Culture or "It Takes One To Know One"

       Patton Oswalt. Comedian. Actor. Geek. Patton drops more geek references in 5 minutes of his stand-up routine than most comedians do in their entire set. And having grown up in the 1980's playing D&D and reading Stephen King (in hardcover),  you can be assured that when he speaks about such things, he knows what he is talking about. Mr. Oswalt recently wrote an essay for entitled "Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die", describing how he feels about the current state of 'geek culture' and how it may be time to let it die out... at least for a time.

       After reading this article, I was given pause to think about how and why I love the geeky things that I do. It is certainly one of the most intelligent and thought provoking articles I have read in a long time. If you have ever thought of your self as a geek, give this a read. It will make you think about your mad, geeky passions in a different light.

"Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die" by Patton Oswalt (Via

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