Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Western Themed 'Star Wars' Figures or "A Long Time Ago, In A County Far, Far Away"

      "Boba Fett walks into the saloon" sounds like the opening to a bad joke, but it isn't! It's just the most accurate way you can begin to describe these awesome custom-made figures. The man behind these marvelous pieces of plastic goes by the name Sillof, a toy customizer known for his combining characters from that galaxy far, far away with various genres, like a line set in the time of the samurai!!

       The result? Some beautiful hand crafted pieces of geeky art!

      Yes. R2D2 is a bald, one-eyed midget blacksmith in the 'Western' themed set. You have a better analogy for the little AstroMech droid?!

Sillof's website -

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