Friday, July 23, 2010

Man-Made Robot Arms or "You Can Be 'Mr. Roboto' In Your Neighbourhood"

Are you a fan of giant robots? Have you ever looked at Voltron and thought to yourself, 'I sure would like to have arms like that', minus the lion heads? Well, worry no longer! For the low price of $85 (and whatever is left of your dignity), you can fulfill your heart's desire! Easily collapsible for storage and travel, the "Giant Robot Cardboard Arms" are perfect for those last minute anime conventions and cosplay parties!

No more will people mock you for your love of discussing both dungeons AND dragons. Not when you're sporting these babies! They'll mock your love of autonomous robots from another world. Just remember these two things: 1) these will not increase your strength by any factor of awesome and 2) if you see someone carrying a Zippo and you smell lighter fluid, RUN!!! Run for your life, you half-a-GoBot!

( via Geekologie!)

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