Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions' Spans Spidey's Animated History or "A Super-hero With Multiple Personality Disorder"

"Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions" is the upcoming video game that is said to Marvel Comics' own version of "Arkham Asylum". The game features one of the coolest story premises I have ever heard of, in that you play as different versions of Spider-man, from some of the more popular alternate universes in the Marvel U. And that's not the best part! Each Spider-man will be voiced by a man who has voiced Spidey in one his many animated series.

Neil Patrick Harris, who voiced the Web Slinger in the movie inspired MTV series, will voice the "Amazing Spider-man", the traditional Spider-man we all know and love.

Pictured here is "Spider-man Noir", from Marvel's Earth 7207, where Marvel characters exist as 1930's pulp inspired heroes. He will be voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Spider-man in the animated series that ran on FOX Kids from 1994 to 1998.

Dan Gilvezan, who voiced Peter Parker/Spider-man in the popular '80s series, "Spider-man and His Amazing Friends", will voice Spider-man 2099 (which is a really under-appreciated comic series). And another interesting fact, Gilvezan also voiced Bumblebee in the '80s "Transformers" animated series.

Ultimate Spider-man, wearing the Venom symbiote, is going to be voiced by Josh Keaton, who voice the Wall-Crawler in the latest series, "The Spectacular Spider-man", which ran on the CW network in 2008.

All this and Stan "The Man" Lee narrating the whole game, ala his voice work in several Marvel animated series of the '70s and '80s.

Two words: 'HELL' and 'YEAH'. Another game for the Christmas wish list!!

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