Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Authentic Geek, The PODCAST -- Episode 4 - "Re-Boot Be Gone"

Episode 04 - "Re-boot Be Gone"

           There's a dark cloud that hangs over the heads of the Authentic Geeks in this episode. DC Comics is going to reboot their ENTIRE continuity from scratch (well, except for Batman and Green Lantern) and the guys aren't happy! Dare ye' listen to JT and Doug as they attempt to compare this reboot to 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' (the original and still the best crossover), analyse the new costume designs and take a look at the 52 (!) new titles coming out in December?! They go from 'geek' to 'raving fanboy' in about 2 seconds flat! NERD RAGE! 

POINT OF ORDER: Once again, the cuss' words fly true and free. So, those with sensitive ears and/or sensibilities had best not play this one for kids or at work. Just saying.

          (Also, please forgive the EXTREME lateness of this post. Blame JT, as this is his job and he dropped the ball. Bad JT, BAD.)

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