Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun with Captions: August, 29, 2011

While Bruce Lee may have loved birthdays, he goddamn hated surprise parties!

The original 'pimp-mobile'.

In his later years, Einstein started to slack off when it came to scientific theory.

You will be deleted.... right after I finish watching "Judge Judy".

Robin: "Say, Batman, I think it's my turn to help free Catwoman from her own Cat-Trap."

Batman: "Sorry, 'old chum'. You aren't yet ready to handle such a 'delicate' situation.

Robin: "Geezer."

Batman: "Delinquent."

Robin: "Over the hill gloryhog."

Batman: "Virgin."

Robin: "....dick."


  1. Leave it to me to nitpick but the Cybermen used the phrase "You will be deleted" not the Daleks.

  2. Heh, I know, I know. It just seemed to work for the joke. 'Annihilated' seemed too negative.