Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Local Art YAY

Hey all you Authentic Geeks out there!

A couple of months ago our local comic store Unreal City hosted one of its many local art-shows to help launch two comics from local writer Kurtis Wiebe, one of which featured art from (formerly) local comic artist Riley Rossmo.

On that fateful evening, Riley was kind enough to donate an original art-piece for raffle, and it was won by one from our own Authentically Geeky ranks, Devin; who graciously agreed to let me have a copy of said art-work for the purposes of this very blog.

So here ya go:

I always wanted this place to be a bit of a showcase for local art and talent; a kind of "Go-Saskatoon-Art" zone with a geek-enhanced slant and am so glad to have the opportunity to show off some of Riley's work, cause I really like it! He's managed to find a unique conglomeration of styles that really fits his subject matter... there's a loose, almost unfinished-sketch like quality that lends itself to dark, action, monster oriented pieces that Riley excels at! Although Riley is no longer living in Toon town, having recently relocated to Calgary, he's spent many a year here in Saskatoon, frequenting the local comic stores, and being an all around great guy; so I'll always think of him as a local.

If you like his art, be sure to check out some of his books like Proof and Cowboy Ninja Viking from Image comics, as well as Green Wake, which is the series this piece came from (written by the aforementioned Saskatoon-local, Kurtis Wiebe) and is newly printed in TPB form.

-All my lovin'
Big G

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