Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!!!

Hey all you Authentically Geeky Gamers out there!

I've just been party to a deal so great, so immense, so awe-inspiringly generous that I have to do my best to tell the whole world about it.

What monumental deal could possibly inspire such rabid delight?!? Why the Humble Indie Bundle 3 of course!!!

For those of you who might not know what I'm talking about, the Humble Indie Bundle is a set of independently produced video games that were bundled together by Wolfire Games way back in May of 2010 and sold for the sake of charity. The money one paid for the games was portioned out into different game-related charities, like one that brings video game systems into intensive care units at hospitals; so cute!

But perhaps the coolest aspect of the Indie Bundle Deal was that buyers could "Pay What You Want" meaning you could download all of the games for the measly price of one cent. But since the money was going for charity (and you could even choose what percentage of your donation went to charities or game developers) so they recommended a minimum bid of $10.

But for $10, only a little more than what you would pay to rent a game for a couple of nights, you got 5 AMAZING games that were not only cross platform (Windows, Mac, Steam, and even Linux) but you could download and install them on as many of your computers as you like; no expiry dates, no limits.

Best of all, these were no mere crappy demo-games. These were full version, imaginative, fun, and above all, highly addictive games. Games like World of Goo, a game of stick-and-ball architecture puzzles, Lugaru, a fighting game starring Rabbit people, and Gish, a classic side-scrolling game with a new twist. It was more fun per dollar than a $10 shopping spree at Giant Tiger!

Now we come to today and the release of Humble Indie Bundle 3. There are five new games, the price is the same; I couldn't resist and paid my $10 and was completely satisfied...but then it kept getting better.

A few days after the release of the Bundle they added another game for free called Steel Storm. Then, just this morning, I get an e-mail saying "anyone who donated more than the average of $5.09 also gets to download the Humble Indie Bundle 2 for free!" BAMM, they give me five more games and in one fell swoop they DOUBLE MY GAMING VALUE FOR FREE!!!

So I cannot say enough good things about this package. It's a charity that gives back to you, and keeps giving back to you; and they give awesome, experimental, addictive video games. God bless you Wolfire Games!!!

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