Monday, May 24, 2010

Geek Bio: Danger Socks

Real Name: Stacy.

Yes, a girl geek. much as I'd like to throw a lot of neon signs and pointy things at that (italics; bold; and underline with some exclamation points mixed in with a number and then a smiley face) I won't because I know a lot of girl geeks, so being a geek with boobs doesn't seem so special as the stereotype makes it out to be.

(And a lot of boy geeks have boobs, too. Which is okay. I am okay with that...)

Alias: Danger Socks.

Once upon a time I was a daydreamer. I still am, and I've learned to be okay with it. But all I was was a daydreamer. And it's pretty depressing to compare life to what it isn't, or to spend so much time imagining yourself to have certain skills like Batman, when you know deep down that you're not Batman. That Batman isn't real, but even if he were you still wouldn't be sidekick, let alone Dark Knight.


The mundane is sad, and we all know it. We all read comics, and watch movies and escape from living our lives. We all wear socks (clean, dirty, mismatched, whatever) and go to work and hold out for New Comic Wednesday, or that new Marvel blockbuster, or the awesome video game release. We watch for our webcomic updates, prime-time series finales, and our dandy Think Geek accessories to arrive in the mail. We represent ourselves by what we like, but we are often NOT what we like or would like to be.

Mundane is mundane, really. It's perspective. And for a time it was not something I looked at favourably. I didn't want to find, meet and marry Tim Drake. I wanted to be him. I didn't write Mary-Sues so I could have a boyfriend and be loved. I wanted to create characters who could realistically do what I could do. And those things they did were awesome stuff that scared me.

So yeah, that's where Danger Socks came in.

"They're just socks."

"But they're danger socks."

Let me rephrase.

"No really, they're danger socks."

And wearing danger socks, I went to Japan to train with real ninja. Twice. Wearing danger socks, I dressed like a super-hero and climbed a twenty-three story building for charity. I storm-chase in my mom's car wearing danger socks. I had shrapnel in my neck after a shooting course, which became the coolest Tuesday ever. I've become certified in first aid "just in case" and those danger socks are ready to step into almost anything now.

The danger socks were essential as a step to move my fiction, my daydreams of choice, into something I could grasp. To be my comics, and to read them too.

Geek Interests: It started with manga. Current favourites are anything from Kazuya Minekura, and Naoki Urasawa. A fateful Free Comic Book Day sale lead to me reading Teen Titans and wanting anything to do with Tim Drake. DC comics lately, though, have been fumbling around with his character. And when DC disappoints me, the things Marvel does only gets better. Presently, I adore Image Comics' Chew and I am saddened by the imminent end to Ex Machina from Wildstorm. I play Magic the Gathering and where I work at a comic book store, I run casual tournaments every other week.

In Closing: Duhhhhhhh...I can't really think of a worthy closing. So, until I'm smart enough to chew out an article for this blog, I'll challenge you all to wear danger socks. Do something only your geek heroes or your daydream self would do. Start taking those steps. Promote yourself into their/Your league.

Bridge your fiction and your reality, and banish your mundane.

-Danger Socks


  1. Phreak are you writing from your "woman persona" again? Just kiddin Danger Socks but Phreak's been a friend for one too many years so I gotta make fun of him as often as possible :) Welcome to the ever-increasing blogroll ma'am. And next time I'm in toon-town I'll have to break out some of my old Magic Decks :)

  2. ... it's nice to know that one of my oldest friends thinks I am so bereft of ideas I would create an online persona of a geek girl. You, sir, are the 'Wil Wheaton' to my 'Sheldon Cooper'.


  3. Hey kewl, I'm @wilw to your fictional character :) And it was not so much a jab at your lack of ideas so much as your lack of masculinity ;)