Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over-Sized Kitchen Creations or "Can I Get Some More Cheese On That?"

"This Is Why You're Fat" is a website where people can post pictures and recipes of monstrous, coronary-inducing sandwiches, desserts and other cholesterol-laden culinary creations! It's scary how many times I said "God, I'm hungry!" while looking through the varied posts.

Some of my favorites include:

-- The Breakfast Cabin

-- The Red Robin Italian Burger

-- The Bacon Mug

-- The Steakinator

-- The Double Stuffed Pizza Fatty

I'm pretty sure if I tried to consume "The Bacon Mug" or "The Steakinator", my heart would explode as a precautionary measure! If I ever win 'make you stupid' money in a lottery or something, I will take a vacation and try to eat some these things. I'll probably give myself a heart attack doing it, but I'll die happy with a full stomach!


  1. DAMN YOU ... I had supper all planned out and half prepared and now I'm going to build that hamberger sub for supper ><

  2. @kleedrac - Hehehehehehehe!! My work is done!