Monday, May 17, 2010

Ronny James Dio Passes Away or "Heavy Metal Now Less Heavy"

One of the elder statesmen of heavy metal rock is now rocking the afterlife. Ronny James Dio, the only man with the chops to replace "the Blizzard" as Black Sabbath front man, passed away on May 16th due stomach cancer. Dio, with one of the most powerful and recognizable voices in rock music, leaves behind thousands of fans who love his work, a legacy that spans over SIX decades of music, and the 'metal horns' hand gesture (which he popularized during his run with Sabbath in the early '80s).

When I was young and just getting into rock, my dad always had some Ozzy or Black Sabbath cassettes (yeah, 'cassettes". It was the '80s!) laying about. I always loved listening to heavy metal music as a kid. It wasn't until years later, as I started paying more attention to those kick-ass tunes, that I discovered Mr. Dio. He had a voice that just made everything he ever sang seem so epic in nature. So throw up those horns and salute one of the Godfathers of Heavy Metal, Ronny James Dio!!

\m/ Rock on, sir! \m/

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