Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Favorite YouTuber Posts 100th Video or "Iron Man Proves Musical Numbers Not Completely Lame"

If you have never checked out or heard of 'ItsJustSomeRandomGuy', you really need to because he is ,quite honestly, one the funniest guys on YouTube. He does little stop-motion animated videos using his collection of Marvel and DC toys to showcase his talents for comedy and songwriting , as well as commenting on various elements of pop-culture. 

Yesterday, he posted his 100th video and it was 10 shades of awesome. Not only did he celebrate in style, he did it in song! It takes a lot of talent and heart to pull off what was essentially a rant on the lack of  continuity in the 'Distinguished Competition's" stable of movies, while giving it a Disney-esque musical feel.

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