Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mark Hamill Done As the Joker or "The Last Laugh"

In an interview with the gaming website IGN, Mark Hamill stated that after "Batman - Arkham Asylum 2", he would be retiring from providing the voice for the "Clown Prince of Crime". This saddens me a lot because, for the last 18+ years, Mr. Hamill  has become as synonymous with this role as Kevin Conroy has with Batman. No one can do it better in my opinion. Jeff Bennett on "Batman - The Brave & The Bold" comes close, but that only counts in horse shoes and sniper shots. One of my favorite things about "Batman TAS" was Hamill's Joker laugh and sinister/whimsical voice. And he really cared about how the Joker's laugh should be used, as this video clip shows.

Thank you, Mr. Hamill, for all the years of entertainment your voice has provided!  (Via Topless Robot)

IGN's Interview with Mark Hamill - click here.