Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Humble Indy Gaming Bundle

Hey there all you Authentic Geeks,

Here's some breaking news that's only gonna be fresh for one week.  A promotional/charity group  calling itself the Humble Indy Gaming Bundle has released a bundle of independent gaming's latest, greatest, block busters consisting of World of Goo, Aquaria, Lugaru, Penumbra, and Gish.  But here's the best part, this wonderful bundle of joy is being offered for "pay what you want", meaning you could pay $1,000,000,000 or you could pocket these jems with a hot little five-fingered discount.

I've only played World of Goo myself, but let me tell ya, this game is most worthy of your attention and a fair chunk of your time.  World of Goo is a puzzle game obsessed with Goo-balls.  The object of World of Goo is to collect as many Goo-balls as you can by building and manipulating amazing teetering towers with other, specialized Goo-balls.  All of this Goo-ball mayhem is wrapped in a superfluous, yet surprisingly engaging story about a society that destroys itself over an all consuming lust for Goo-balls, youth, and power; sound familiar?  Maybe not yet...

I cannot recommend these games highly enough, they are amazingly fun and being offered free of charge! This is not only an enormous act of gratitude on the part of the game developers, but if you decide to donate, you can choose to divide your donation between the developers and two different charities: Child's Play, a charity devoted to bringing toys and games to children's Hospitals across America; and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a website devoted to helping "John Q. Public" protect themselves and their information on the net.  You can even give your entire donation to charity if you want!

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