Thursday, August 19, 2010

Company Creates 'Monster Truck' Golf Cart or "A Manly Golf Cart For A Manly Man"

Golf. It's a gentleman's game. Played by men of wealth and leisure. It's a game of contemplation. Of using all your faculties to land that ball right on the green. And it is SO bloody boring!! Like Robin Williams said, it's all "Hit the ball, get in the cart. Hit the ball, get in the cart."

Why not make the sport a little more enticing for the average guy? How would you do that? Why not get your own tricked out golf cart?! This thing is so 'pimp' that I actually want to re-learn how to play golf so I could tool around the local golf course! Can you not imagine tearing ass across the green in this thing, playing golf in a very polo-style manner?! The local golf course probably wouldn't allow it, but Hell, a guy can dream!


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