Friday, August 6, 2010

New Cop Show To Mix Horror Movie Genres or "Zombie Cops & Vampires, Not Cops And Robbers"

With the proliferation of dramatic vampire shows ("The Gates",  "True Blood", "The Vampire Diaries") currently on TV, it looks like at least one network thinks the subject is a little played out and needs something new. Something fresh. Well, maybe not so fresh. Something that's risen from the dead.

NBC is looking at producing a new cop procedural show tentatively called "Zombies vs Vampires". The show centers around a world where zombies exist and are policed by a special police squad.  And one of the cops is secretly a vampire, a fact he hides from his human partner.

Vampire shows haven't been the same since "Buffy" and "Angel" went off the air, but this one shows a lot of potential. Here's hoping that it doesn't .... suck.

Yes. I did go for the obligatory 'vampire' pun.


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