Monday, August 16, 2010

Nerdiest Birthday Cake .... EVER or "Eat It? I Don't Want To Ruin It!"

Words cannot express how awesome this cake is! Aurora Cakes, a custom cake shop over in the UK, created this cake for some loving parents who wanted to make their son laugh on his special day. It takes a true artist to craft something involving a birthday cake, Star Wars and poop jokes that isn't completely batsh*t crazy! I'm pretty sure the young lad laughed his butt right out of his char. I know I would.

And it seems that Stormtroopers are apparently big fans of 'Top Gear' magazine! Who knew?!

(Via Crazy Gadgets thru StumbleUpon)

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  1. Ah the Smell is strong with this one! May the Poo Be With You!