Wednesday, June 9, 2010

David Tennant To Star In 'Fright Night' Remake or "The Doctor Fights Vampires!"

In it's zeal to cash in on everything I love from the 80s, Hollywood is remaking 1985's "Fright Night", the schlocky vampire cheese-fest starring William Ragsdale ("Herman's Head") as Charlie Brewster and Chris Saradon ("The Princess Bride") as Jerry Dandridge. Now, I love me this movie a lot. A LOT. It wasn't the greatest vampire film ever, but I was entertained to an Nth degree by the film. One of the best characters of the film was horror movie host Peter Vincent, played by Roddy McDowall (the original "Planet of the Apes" series). The character was a washed up horror movie actor (a veiled reference to Peter Cushing's work in the Hammer Horror films of the 50s) who hosted a late night movie show on the local TV station.

Now, in the remake, Mr. Vincent will be played the last son of Gallifrey, David Tennant! WHOOOOO! Tennant's character will not host a movie show in the remake, but will be a Criss Angel-esque Las Vegas magician & self-professed vampire expert whose show features a lot of horror movie iconography. The concept of Charlie seeking Mr. Vincent's help and his disbelief is still in the script.

Honestly, I am looking forward to this movie, if only because I miss going to see a good 'turn your brain off' kind of flick. That's something that's been lacking in the theatres for sometime now. I also want to see it because if there's anybody capable of defeating Mr. Dandridge (portrayed by Colin Farell in the remake!), it's the Doctor!

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