Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video Games Save Boy's Eyesight or "A Power Up For Real Life"

Across the pond, in Jolly Ole' England, there lives Ben Michaels, a young lad who has the most awesome doctor EVER! Michaels suffers from lazy eye syndrome in his right eye. Ben could lose the use of his right eye if it is not treated. How does his doctor, Ken Nischal, treat it?

He covers the good left eye with an eye-patch (thus making Ben a pirate) and has him play video games (specifically "Mario Kart DS") for two hours a day, using only the wonky right eye!

 The theory is, that by playing games using only the weakened eye, the repetitive movement and use of hand-eye co-ordination will correct Ben's vision problems. Say it with me, people: Best doctor ever!

And now the world knows a fact about video games we geeks and nerds knew all along: video games don't rot your mind, they heal you with the power of awesome. Play on!

(Via Gamma Squad)

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  1. You can download the Lazy Eye Tetris application here