Friday, June 4, 2010

Kim Kardashian & Heidi Montag Want To Be Lara Croft or "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

I haven't laughed this much all week! Leaders of the 'famous for being famous' pack, Heidi Montag and Kim Kardashian, are both reportedly vying to portray Lara Croft in the next installment of the video game film franchise. What do I think about this?

That is what I think. Seriously, WTF?! (Via Crave Online)


  1. No offense bud but it's a character in a video game series most people stopped caring about after the first playstation. Let the socialites pick it up and think they're geek material, it doesn't really matter :)

  2. Gotta agree with Kleedrac here--Lara Croft ain't exactly Shakespeare to begin with! With one of these two gals in the title role, at least the film wouldn't--and couldn't--take itself too seriously.

  3. I just want someone in the role that I think would be kind of believable. Half the reason I liked Angelina in the first two movies was because she looked like Lara Croft. That's all I ask.