Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New 'Mortal Kombat' On The Way or "Get Over Here Right The Heck Now!"

I'm just going to say it: I love me some 'Mortal Kombat'! It's the ONLY video game series that I jones for as much as 'Street Fighter' or 'Need For Speed'. There's just something about the mix of violence, the whole 'fighting tournament' genre and the gorgeous character story/designs that hooks my imagination. And who can argue that it was not one of the best video game movies yet filmed?? I love my 'Street Fighter' movie (R.I.P. Raul Julia), but it hardly holds up to the awesomeness that is "Mortal Kombat (1995)". I mean, come on! The 'Highander' as Raiden or Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Shang Tsung, not to mention the movie launched the Hollywood careers of Robin Shou (Liu KAng) and Paul W.S. Anderson (he directed the movie). How about the animatronics on Goro?! That was kick-ass stuff! The series has languished in purgatory (whoa, look at me use using the big words there!) for the last few years, ever since the release of "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe" in 2008.

But the time has come for this game series to rise up once again! I was tooling around on Facebook, checking my updates, when I found this link (Thanks, Mike Dodd!) to a new viral video on YouTube called "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth". It is epic. It is awesome. It is .... got a LOT of blood and gore, so definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Check it out!

AWESOME! We got Michael Jai White ('SPAWN The Movie'), Jeri Ryan (Shark, ST: Voyager, Leverage) and I've seen Ian Anthony Dale (the guy playing Scorpion) in tons of TV shows and action movies. Some people have commented on the YouTube channel that it's a fan vid. I say NAY! It's either a viral video for a new game (which could be announced at E3 this year) or maybe, just MAYBE, it's an advanced promo for a NEW 'Mortal Kombat' movie!! Oh, it's good to be an MK fanboy!

UPDATE: I was jonesing for more MK stuff and found this old school TV ad for "Mortal Kombat II" (my personal fave of the old school console games). I miss how they used to dress up for these ads.

Update #2: According to Jeri Ryan (Sonya Blade in the 'Rebirth' vid) on her Twitter feed, the video was done as proof-of-concept to sell the director's skills to Warner Brothers on a potential new movie. Only time will tell.

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  1. I must agree my friend, Mortal Kombat is one of my all time favourite movies as well, I will watch it at any given opportunity, it's too much fun. It's too bad that director went on to make such atrocities as Resident Evil and all its sequels. Which could have been much better films, but had no script. Just solid waste.
    Anyways, Mortal Kombat = Awesome. I would love to see a new game or movie based on that short. If its a fan movie, it had a serious budget, those were serious actors and very expensive make-up/costumes. I think it has potential to be something more...