Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great Costume Design Wins Again!

Over the years of comic book super heroes, there have been many many different heroes that have been created. Some heroes rise and are forgotten very quickly while other heroes stand the test of time. Some heroes last because they resonate with deep cultural archetypes like Batman - the hooded justice seeker or Superman the perfect boy-scout; while other heroes get by with deeply conflicted character traits like Wolverine; but my favourite heroes of all are the ones that survive on character-design alone.
That's right, you all know who I'm talking about, all those heroes that don't have much depth, don't have much we can relate to, but they do have amazing costumes that make us want to see them do something cool. Darkhawk, Deathlok, Death's Head I and II, the list goes on and on. But without a doubt, my favourite costume-driven hero is Spiderman 2099, who was the first comic book hero out of the gates in Marvel's 2099 comic line back in the 90's.
He comes from a twisted future where corporations have taken over the American government (it's been done) he has spider powers from being genetically altered (yep, done before) but his costume is this wicked blue full-body suit with tribal spider inspired veins of red and spikes everywhere; as a reader, you just can't wait to see him tear into a bad guy! His comics were pulp at best, but that costume sold not only a long run of solo comics, but several cross-over events and a cameo on the Exiles, the reality hopping super team.
Now, Marvel is bringing the blue and red demon back as a playable character in their upcoming title:
Spiderman - Shattered Dimensions
. This game looks SWEET! Check out the trailer here and join the rest of us fashion obsessed fan-boys in drooling with anticipation till we can get our hands on it!!!

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