Thursday, June 3, 2010

John Barrowman Writes 'Torchwood' Comic or "Captain Jack's Back!"

Are you a fan of the show "Torchwood" and, by extension, lead character Capt. Jack Harkness? Have you wondered what's going on with the series since the end of the "Children of Earth" miniseries from last year?

As it stands right now, creator Russell T. Davies has a fourth series in mind, but the BBC has yet to green light it. So, in the meantime and between-time, we'll have to make do with a "Torchwood" comic book series, written by Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman.

Released by Titan Publishing and featuring art by Tommy Lee Edwards, the tale therein features Jack tackling the mystery of people disappearing on a Scottish isle all by himself in the first part, then Jack, Gwen and Ianto become trapped in a 'cosmic' hotel by an old enemy from the TV series in the second installment.

I have been waiting for anything new about "Torchwood" for a while now and what better way to satisfy the craving than with a comic book? Now, if only the BBC would get off their tea drinking duffs and get to work already! (Via Comic Book Resources)

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